Business Areas


– Extensive experience in the development and elaboration of Engineering projects under Front End Loading (FEL) methodology, in complex and important projects in the Hydrocarbon Storage, Oil, and Gas, Mechanical Works, Electricity, installation, civil works, road infrastructure, conditioning areas. 

– All our engineers are submitted to a rigorous training program, which trains them to provide support in the use of complex tools for design in specialties such as process, mechanical, civil, instrumentation, and control, electrical, piping, rotating, and static equipment, among others.

– We have the infrastructure, processes, and tools to develop engineering designs focused on quality standards (ISO 9001 certification) and the normative required for design (LLOYD REGISTER, ASME, API, ANSI, TEMA, local norms, and regulations, among others) and global standards to obtain consistent results for our customers.

– 2D and 3D design with the latest tools and standardized programs, processes, and work tools which allow us to operate as a high-performance organization.

– TECSOL has highly qualified professionals for risk evaluations using studies or audits such as HAZOP, PHA, and SIL.

– TECSOL offers consulting expertise to support your organization in creating a culture of continuous improvement and operational excellence.

Hydrocarbon Storage

TECSOL, provides standard storage configurations or personalized design systems for specific needs, our experience includes:


– Fixed Roof Tanks: Self-Supported and Supported Conical Steel Roofs, Self-Supported and Supported Steel Dome Roofs, Aluminum Geodesic Dome Roofs.

– Floating Roof Tanks: Open Top Floating Roof, Internal Aluminum Floating Roof.


TECSOL, pioneer in the Design, Manufacture, and Installation of tanks under pressure, according to the ASME Code Section VIII Division 1. We work with any type of pressure vessel. TECSOL ensures the quality of welding in all processes according to ASME, by counting on:


– Inspectors: Welding Inspector Level I and II.

– Materials: We weld different types of materials such as: carbon steels, alloy, and micro-alloy steels, and stainless steel among others.

– Welders: They are highly trained, in addition to counting with the required certifications for any type of work according to Section IX of the ASME Code.

– Processes: We weld with GMAW, FCAW, SAW, SMAW, and GTAW processes.

– Inspection Methods: Visual Test, Magnetic Particles, Penetrating Dyes, Ultrasound Tests, and X-Ray.


Oil & Gas

Since its foundation TECSOL, has been involved in providing services for the Oil and Gas sector, accumulating experience in engineering services, procurement, construction, maintenance, and commissioning for UPSTREAM and MIDSTREAM infrastructure. In all our projects we apply the most demanding industry standards for the construction of these installations, such as: ASME Section IX, ASME B31.1, ASME B31.3, ASME31.8, API 650, API653, among others.


UPSTREAM Infrastructure:

– Preparation of locations for well drilling

– Early production facilities

– Clump-forming

– Laying of flow lines

– Flow stations


MIDSTREAM Infrastructure:

– Storage tanks

– Hydrocarbon Transfer Pumping Systems

– Gas compression systems

– Gas pipelines

– Oil pipelines


Mechanical Works and Installation

We have experience and the highly trained personnel to:


– Manufacture and installation of pipe spools

– Construction and maintenance of oil, gas and multiproduct pipelines

– Manufacture and installation of gas compression modules

– Manufacture and installation of fire protection systems in General

– Mechanical and industrial assemblies

– Manufacture and installation of fire protection systems in General

– Mechanical and industrial assemblies

– Construction of Gas Compression Plants

– Construction of flow Stations

– Maintenance of static and rotary equipment

– Mechanical completion, pre-commissioning, commissioning, and start-up


Everything under the applicable National and International standards (LLOYD REGISTER/ANSI/ASME/API/AWS/ASTM/NACE), as well as those established in the Engineering designs.


Electricity and Instrumentation

Our company has experience in construction and electromechanical installation of electrical substations:


– Lifting of metal structures

– Installation of transformers, patio equipment, wiring, low, medium and high voltage connections

– Pre-commissioning, commissioning, and start-up

– Associated civil works (foundations, firewalls, porticos, electrical conduits, control rooms, roads, drains, among others)

– Selections and installation of equipment for BT and MT cells, CCM installation, control system, electrical protection, and atmospheric protection system installations, grounding system

– Laying of low, medium and high voltage power lines


All under national and international rules (COVENIN / CEN / DIN / ANSI / IEC / IEEE / BS / ASM / NEMA)

Civil Works

Demonstrable experience and credentials in:


– Earthmoving and roadway

– Manufacture of monolithic foundations for major equipment

– Industrial and Commercial Buildings

– Manufacture and Installation of Metallic Structures

– Construction and Maintenance of Tank Farms

– Supply of pre-mixed concrete and all types of construction materials


All this developed under the National and International standards (COVENIN/MINDUR/ANSI/ASTM/ACI) and according to the requirements of the Customer.

National and International Procurement

Our Procurement Management Service covers the entire supply chain, from the logistics of supply, purchases, and transport to the inventory control, inspection, and quality assurance.


We make sure that all products and services we purchase must comply with our demanding requirements of quality and safety


We have technological, human, and physical tools to locate, evaluate, compare materials and services for your infrastructure projects, and effectively organize your transportation to any place. Our procurement personnel is familiar with the markets, customs, and environmental regulations, which allows us to comply with the requirements and laws of the countries in the Region.


Procurement Management Executives and Collaborators synchronize your project chronograms, materials ordering, and shipping logistics for efficient work chronogram work.

Business Line Outsourcing

The extended experience of TECSOL for years in EPC projects and maintenance in Oil and Gas, road infrastructure, and building sectors allows us to organize, plan and attract human resources and equipment for any type of project. TECSOL puts to our customers these capacities to support them in the supply of service through outsourcing modality in the following items: supply of professional personnel for multidisciplinary teams in project management, planning, procurement management, logistics, supervision, work inspection, quality control, safety, and environmental inspection, pre-commissioning, commissioning and start-up


Direct labor supply: master builders for the specialties of civil works, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation, masons, carpenters, manufacturers, assemblers, qualified welders, painters, among others


Equipment supply: heavy earthmoving and hoisting equipment, welding machines, compressors, electric generators, among many others.

Road Infrastructure

Topographic study and survey with cutting-edge technological equipment, trained field, and office personnel, minimizing calculation errors to their minimum expression, optimizing the geometric design of roads according to parameters established in the current road regulations


Our Company has Modern Heavy Equipment for large scale earthmoving works (cutting, filling, material transfer, and final disposal); for this purpose, the use of satellite control systems has been implemented in our CAT equipment, achieving in this way to move more than 1MM of m3 to date. The body of engineers carries out the control of volumes with digital tools for the calculation of mass diagrams, improving the efficiency and performance of our equipment.


Treatment and exploitation of aggregates on-site with METSO Crushers, with daily volumes that allow us to have a unique autonomy in the segment; guaranteeing the quality in the production of our aggregates, complying with the quality rules ASTM, ASTHO, and quality control rules required un the current road manuals, achieving the rules and requirements of the specifications.


– Design and production of pavements

– Construction of bridges, drainage, and complementary works

Naval and Maritime

In TECSOL we make all types of repairs, modifications, and maintenance of ships, boats, naval structures, and related in steel and aluminum afloat and dry, using materials that meet the highest standards of quality. Our team of repair and maintenance is composed of professionals with experience in the areas of Marine Engineering and Maritime Studies, in addition to having equipment with the latest technology and standardized processes, which ensure optimal performance and safety of our service.


TECSOL has the technical, logistical, and operational capacity to provide services to shipping companies, ship-owners, and companies in general. We have welding procedures in compliance with LLOYD REGISTER, ASME, AWS, API, and ISO standards. The main services on which TECSOL works as an expert thanks to its qualified/certified labor are:


– Dry repairs

– Repairs afloat

– Cathode protection system

– Qualification of boats

– Scrapping or dismantling

– Non-destructive tests engineering services

– Engineering services


We are specialists in engineering services, procurement, design, and calculations for air conditioning systems, mechanical ventilation (forced), heating and cooling (HVAC-R Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning – Refrigeration) under the standards of ASHRAE American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers and software for calculation of thermal loads as BIM, REVIT, CARRIER or TRANE. We install compact units including VRF (variable refrigerant flow), splits, chilled water systems for heavy industry, airports, massive infrastructure such as shopping malls, hospitals, oil tankers, and transport vessels, among others. We have experienced personnel, qualified for the installation of flexible ducts and accessories (diffusers, dampers, return grids, thermostats).